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Resolve and answer tax questions about the following different Spanish taxes:

  • Income tax (IRPF)
  • Non resident tax (IRNR)
  • Tax company (IS)
  • Tax value (IVA)
  • Impuesto Transmisiones Patrimoniales y Actos Jurídicos Documentados (ITP y AJD)
  • Local taxes: property tax (IBI), activity tax (IAE), vehicle tax, land tax, construction tax,…)

 Study, preparation and presentation in the tax office:

  • Allegations
  • Improper Incomes
  • Answer request tax agency
  • Deferment debts

Study, preparation and presentation in the Tribunal Económico Administrativo Regional (TEAR) de Recursos Económico- Administrativos

Study, preparation and assistance in procedimientos de gestión, recaudación e inspección de la AEAT

Specific advice in operations with tax implications:

  • Sale or purchase properties
  • Building propertie
  • Reform properties
  • Constitution business
  • Capital increase